House Warming

Campaign_photo3A new web site is similar to a new house. For those of us who are moving from another home, we have a lot of sorting and organizing to do. Every box we open necessitates a series of decisions about where to place the items found within. The contents of some boxes are well organized and fairly easy to place; others, especially the ones packed during the final hours of the move out process, are more randomly distributed. Hopefully, we didn’t leave anything behind unintentionally. If we’re lucky, we will eventually locate everything we intended to bring and find a suitable place for it in our new abode.

At this moment we are working to make this web site habitable and comfortable. As ideas we’ve brought with us find a good place for display, they will turn up on the “shelves”. Some may get shuffled from one place to another, so when you pay us a subsequent visit, you might well find the “furniture” rearranged. All-in-all, it’s a process. Although we may be in disarray for little while, you’re always welcome to look around. Just step carefully!