Getting the Message into Homes

With just about three weeks left in the 2016 campaign season, we are moving into high gear on getting our message to as many neighbors as possible. This past Friday our October ad appeared on page 14 of the Hampton Roads Messenger; and today another came out in the Portsmouth Currents on page 13. More print ads will follow in the coming weeks both in the New Journal and Guide and the Virginian-Pilot. As part of their “Business in the Spotlight” feature, the Midtown Portsmouth Association has posted some photos, vignettes, and short interviews on their Facebook site. Additionally, a postcard mailer is on its way to those who vote conscientiously and consistently, and social media users should watch for digital ads. We are doing our best to engage the electorate on as many fronts as possible.

The advertising blitz notwithstanding, we still place a lot of faith in “old school” word of mouth from neighbor to neighbor. If you are already a campaign supporter, please share our message of “responsible representation” with your friends. We are quaint enough to believe that despite all the technology that surrounds and, perhaps, engulfs us, the human touch has not become irrelevant in political and social interaction.


As promised, the links below provide access to the sets of written questions posed by the named organizations along with the responses submitted by Candidate Mark Geduldig-Yatrofsky:

Now Available to Good Homes

Campaign_signThese handsome, limited edition campaign signs are available for discerning Portsmouth voters who believe that quality in elected representation counts. If you are “the decider” of what sits on a piece of private real estate in our fair city and would like to display one of these beauties for the next few months, please message (through Facebook), eMail, or telephone. (See “Contact Us“.) Those generous folks who have already contributed time or treasure to the campaign will have signs reserved for them. To everyone else, it is strictly first come, first served! Avoid the disappointment that results from procrastination; when this set of signs has gone to work, we don’t know if a timely reorder will be possible. Free installation is also available for the first 249 customers, so don’t delay! (Not available in stores.)