Endorsements for Constitutional Officers and Some Others

Why should anybody care whom I endorse for any elected office? When voters come to the polls after thoroughly researching candidate qualifications, positions on issues, and records of service in the community and prior elective office, nobody needs to care. Unfortunately, many voters do not spend the time to learn about candidates in depth but rely on institutional endorsements (e. g., Martin Luther King, Jr., Leadership Steering Committee, People for Portsmouth, or The Virginian-Pilot editorial board) or the opinions of family members, neighbors, or community leaders of one type or another. As someone who has spent the last twenty-one years keeping up to date on political issues and candidates in my adopted hometown of Portsmouth, I frequently share my insights with neighbors through conversation or in writing. On the eve of this year’s General Election, I offer you my picks for Portsmouth City Treasurer, Commonwealth’s Attorney, and Sheriff, as well as for offices farther up the ballot.
I had intended to write a long, detailed analysis that only the most dedicated readers would likely slog through, but the November 5, 2017, edition of Bridges, got me thinking about a different approach. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I could just enhance the working model. Consequently, I offer you a mash-up of what two influential Portsmouth political action committees are promoting. If a picture is still worth a thousand words, I have not only given you solid information, but saved you a bit of reading time, too. (For those paying close attention, you will notice Commissioner of the Revenue, Franklin “Frankie” Edmondson, is the choice of both organizations, the benefit of running unopposed.)

Whether or not you concur with my recommendations, we should all be able to agree that going out to cast your vote is one of the true acts of patriotism that every citizen can perform. Please do your duty tomorrow.

(To see some of the reasons I favor these Constitutional Officer candidates, visit the Ron S. Melton for City Treasurer, Michael Moore for Portsmouth Sheriff, and  Stephanie N. Morales Facebook pages.)

Not authorized by any candidate, candidate’s committee, or independent political action committee.


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